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Connect With Healthy Minds and Bodies

Lilly Pilly Counselling is providing the Connect with Healthy Minds and Bodies program in the CESPHN region as part of the Commonwealth Psychosocial Support (CPS) Program.

The CPS program provides psychosocial support services to assist people with severe mental illness and reduced psychosocial functional capacity who are not receiving psychosocial supports through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Connect with Healthy Minds and Bodies comprises an assortment of programs contributing to increased mental wellbeing and physical health, as well as social connection and life skills for people with severe and persistent mental illness.

Circle of Security

An attachment parenting skill development group program focused on building better mental health, social connection, and parenting skills for parents, guardians and/or caregivers with mental illness. There will be groups targeting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, groups targeting people from multicultural backgrounds, and groups open to all individuals who meet eligibility criteria.

Cantonese Mindfulness-Based CBT

This group program is for Cantonese-speaking people with severe depression and/or anxiety and is facilitated by a Cantonese-speaking therapist.

Social Cognition and Social Interaction (SCIT) Group

Psychotherapy for people experiencing schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. The group program uses exercises, games, video content, discussion formats, and interactive social stimuli to target and improve psychosocial functioning and address interpersonal difficulties.

Outdoor Therapy for Disadvantaged Youth

This program targets young people aged 16-25 and focuses on psychoeducation, community engagement, mindfulness, brief exercise, and social connection for people at risk of social isolation or those who struggle socially.

Art Therapy Group

Groups using creative art therapies for unique and effective approaches to wellbeing targeting life skills, mental health, and connection.

Trauma-Informed Pilates

Pilates classes are facilitated by an experienced trauma-informed Pilates teacher and supported by psychologists. Classes are body positive, suitable for all levels of fitness and disability, and individually tailored to each participant’s needs. Participants will become more comfortable in their own bodies and use their bodies as a tool to positively impact their mental health.

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

This program is suitable for people with complex trauma and facilitated by clinical psychologists who are also credentialed trauma-sensitive yoga teachers. Participants will learn how to use their bodies and minds as tools to relax and enjoy being in their bodies.

Walk and Talk Outdoors with a Therapist

These groups provide friendly and warm environments with different relevant themes to discuss each week and are great for people who are socially isolated and desire a semi-structured format to socialise in while benefiting from gentle exercise.

Connect with Healthy Minds and Bodies group programs are available to people who:

  • Experience severe mental illness (diagnosis not required);
  • Have an associated level of reduced psychosocial functional capacity;
  • Live, work, or study in the CESPHN region;
  • Are not assisted by the NDIS; and
  • Are not receiving any other psychosocial support services that duplicate those provided through CPSP.

Additional eligibility criteria may be required for specific groups listed above.

Referrals from GPs, health professionals, community organisations, caregivers and family members and self-referrals will be accepted. If assistance is required for a consumer to make a self-referral, the Lilly Pilly Counselling Group Coordinator or other Lilly Pilly staff member will be available to provide support. 

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Please note that this program is only funded until 30 June 2025.

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