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Yarning Circles

What are Yarning Circles?

A Yarning Circle is a harmonious, creative, and collaborative way of communicating to encourage responsible respectful and honest interactions between participants, building trusting relationships. foster accountability and provide a safe place to be heard and to respond.

Monthly Yarning Circles are held by Babana Aboriginal with the aim of enhancing attendees’ overall health and social and emotional wellbeing.


Yarning Circles are for the men in the community and while discussions are focused on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues, all men who want to make a difference in the community are invited to attend.

Who can refer to the service?


Who delivers the service?
NameBabana Aboriginal
PhoneMark (0411 282 917) or Jeremy (0411 282 917)
Emailsuccess@babana.org.au or info@babana.org.au

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